Disabling IPv4 on c4k3.net

1 June 2015

I’ve decided to go ahead and disable IPv4 on the c4k3.net website. Since this is just a small site, and probably 90% of traffic is from me, (with the other 9% being web crawlers,) it’s really not important that people without IPv4 will be unable to visit my site. Disabling it makes me feel like I’m doing something to further IPv6.

I thought this would be easy to do, and it turns out nginx has a ipv6only directive. So I set that to on for c4k3.net, and then everything stopped working. Apparently if you have several virtual servers (as I do,) then nginx only lets you specify one listen directive for each IP:Port pair, so it’s not possible to disable IPv4 on one site but not on another site. So I figured the easiest thing to do would be to just remove the A record to c4k3.net. Problem solved!