I first started using this beautiful jekyll site at the same time I got my hands on the c4k3.net domain, having previously used c4k3.org. On the new site, I decided to put my email in the footer completely unobfuscated, because I’m pretty sure it’s already on just about every spamlist out there, and I’ve gotten pretty good at ignoring spam.

One slight thing I did differently however, was to put my new @c4k3.net address instead of the old @c4k3.org. They both end up in the same inbox, but I’m slowly trying to move things over to using c4k3.net. Reading some of the more hilarious spam I’ve received, I realized I hadn’t noticed any spam sent to my @c4k3.net address, it’s all addressed to my @c4k3.org address. My @c4k3.net address has been listed unobfuscated on this google-indexed site for almost 3 months now, and apparently not a single spammer has gotten ahold of it.

Now I’m no expert on spammers, it could be that their crawlers really are that infrequent, but one explanation I like better is that having your site be IPv6-only is at the moment the number 1 defense against spam out there. To test this hypothesis, I’m going to temporarily enable IPv4 on the site, put an email in this post, and see how much (if any) spam ends up at that email.


Will post back with results.